The Green Family Stores believe in Springfield and our surrounding communities.  We believe in the value that our communities have within Central Illinois and we believe in growing that value.    It’s because of this belief that giving locally is so important to us.
Did you know that nearly 50 cents of every dollar spent on local businesses stays within the local community? While only 13 cents of that same dollar stays here in the Springfield area when spent at a national chain?
Where we invest our money makes a big difference in our community and that’s why the Green Family Stores has made a conscious choice to consistently give where it will make the most difference for our little piece of Illinois.
It’s a very slow erosion of the local economy when the majority of dollars are spent outside this community.  If we give and continue to build relationships, our company grows and that allows us to give more.
We appreciate the trust the Springfield Community has put in us and we feel strongly that we have a responsibility to give back.
It’s very satisfying to us to make a difference with friends and neighbors in this community that we all call home.
We encourage you to let us know if there is a way you think the Green Family Stores can make a difference.